Supported Hardware

Following is a list of hardware that people from the ONF community have tested over time in lab trials.

Supported Switches

40G models

  • OCP Accepted™ EdgeCore AS6712-32X

100G models

  • OCP Accepted™ EdgeCore AS7712-32X

  • QCT QuantaMesh BMS T7032-IX1/IX1B

  • OCP Accepted™ Inventec D7032Q28B (verified by Inventec)

Commercially supported models

Models listed here are not supported by ONF community. You should contact switch vendor for commercial support.

  • OCP Accepted™ EdgeCore AS5912-54X

Supported Servers

ONOS can be run on any x86 servers, with the following notes on CPU and memory allocation per ONOS instance:

  • CPU (Recommended: 32 cores)

    There are not much requirement on CPU.

    In practice, we avoid running other CPU intensive processes/containers/VMs on the same physical machine where ONOS runs.

  • Memory (Recommended: 65G RAM)

    The memory requirement highly depends on the deployment scale. In general, we suggest that each ONOS instance should get at least 16G RAM.

    For production deployment at scale, we will definitely need not only more memory but also some fine tuning on JVM garbage collection mechanism.